Lot Line Recovery :

(For the Homeowner or Real Estate Agent)
We are excited to offer a new service to the Homeowner, or Real Estate Agent, who has a Lot within an Established Subdivision. To recover the Property Corners for the purpose of building a fence, adding a pool/other home additions, landscaping or for a prospective buyer to view the Property Boundary, we offer a fixed fee of $600.00 for the Recovery of all Property Corners, or a fixed fee of $400.00 for a Single Lot Line Recovery!

If we find that a Corner Monument has been lost or destroyed, the individual Monument can be replaced for an additional fee of $100.00. (This fee includes the filing of a Corner Record for the replacement with the County Recorder, a legal requirement.)

We replace lost or destroyed Corner Monuments with a permanent 3/4″ iron pipe which includes a yellow plastic plug, stamped with our Professional Land Surveyor number and driven flush with the ground. We mark the location of the iron pipe with a 3′-long wooden lath with red flagging for visibility.


A separate fee would need to be negotiated to include filing a Record of Survey with the County Recorder if:

  • The Lot was established by Deed prior to the Subdivision Map Act. (As of 1972, all Legal Parcels must be Mapped by a Licensed Land Surveyor!)
  • The Lot is not shown within an Official Subdivision Map, Official Parcel Map or Record of Survey.
  • Material discrepancies are found within the Official Maps, preventing the precise location of the Property Corners.
  • Sufficient Monumentation cannot be found to establish the precise location of the Property Corners.

FEMA Elevation Certificate

Here is an example of the Official FEMA form which relates your property to known flood plains to determine Flood Insurance Rates.

Flood Elevation Certification:

We are now offering a new service to the Homeowner, Real Estate Agent or Insurance Agent who is in need of an Elevation Certificate for the purpose of obtaining flood insurance. We offer a fixed fee of $800.00 for the following services:

  • Research current FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) information.
  • Provide field survey to transfer an elevation to the site from the nearest City, County or USGS Benchmark.
  • Provide field survey to measure required elevations.
  • Provide digital photographs of each building as required.
  • Provide completed Elevation Certificate.

Clients that have multiple needs in the same area would be eligible for a discount if multiple sites can be surveyed in the same day!

Find Property Corners or Flood Elevations!
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